what is global speech delay

What Is Global Speech Delay: Understanding the Basics

It’s important to ensure that your child is developing correctly, but that doesn’t mean you should compare yours to another child because everyone is different. In terms of speech development issues, they take one form or another leading to the question what is global speech delay? When your child has this condition, it means that […]

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how common are speech delays

How Common Are Speech Delays?

When wondering how common are speech delays, the figures are moderately high. Especially if you were to compare communication disorders to other disorders, speech delays could be considered typical. Commonly occurring in children, it’s a relatively noticeable issue. Thankfully, as a parent, there are many options to assist your kids. Are Speech and Language the […]

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what causes speech delay in toddlers

What Causes Speech Delay in Toddlers?

While all children develop at their own pace and will begin speaking at different times than one another, it is typical for children to start talking before they are even two years old. If your toddler is coming up on their second birthday or has recently passed and they haven’t started speaking yet, you may […]

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how to know if your child has a speech delay

How to Know if Your Child Has a Speech Delay

As a parent, it’s reasonable to start worrying about your young toddler whenever anything that isn’t completely normal starts to happen. One such thing is if your child starts to show signs of having a speech delay. A speech delay is a condition in which your child is not saying words or starting to form […]

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How to Cope with Tantrums and Toddler Speech Delay

By Lori Ennis, M.S. Ed. It’s the hardest thing in the world for a parent to watch; their precious little one wants desperately to express emotions and feelings, but because of speech delays in receptive or expressive language (or in both areas), they simply can’t. If you are dealing with tantrums in your toddler with […]

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Speech Delay vs. Autism

Speech delays in early childhood development are a common occurrence and there is no need to panic if your child is experiencing one. However, there are differences between your child being a late talker and experiencing a speech delay caused by autism. Being aware of these differences in speech delay vs. autism can help you […]

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Toddler Speech Guidelines: Should My Child Be Talking?

When you are a parent, you are always concerned with the development of your child and the first question you often find yourself asking is, when should my child start talking? Toddler speech guidelines can be very helpful is keeping up with your child’s development. While every child develops at his own pace, there are […]

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Speech Therapy for Toddlers

By Lori Ennis, M.S. Ed. One of the most exciting times in a parent’s life is watching as their little one’s vocabulary begins to open up. This is when our kids begin to show pieces of who they are in the words they use and say. From “Mama” and “Daddy” to “I do it by […]

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How Many Words Should A 20-Month-Old Say?

By Lori Ennis, M.S. Ed. ​It’s often said that parenting is the hardest job anyone will ever have. Still, parents find it the most rewarding, as there is nothing like watching the miraculous little human you mother or father grow and thrive (and often mirror you in the process!) as they turn into adults. But […]

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