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Your little one is the joy of your world. From the first time you held him or her to the first tooth and more, you knew you were about to begin an amazing adventure of a lifetime.

And, like most parents, you knew that adventure wouldn’t necessarily come with a handbook. Each child is unique and individual, and the growth and development comes at his or her own pace. 

When your child began missing milestones for speech, you tried not to worry too much, remembering developmental growth sometimes took a while to catch up. But as it didn’t, you began to feel more and more isolated, wondering where you should turn to best help your child.

We know and understand this. We’re a group of professionals with plenty of experience working with children of all developmental ages and stages. But first, we’re parents, just like you. We too have watched our children’s peers do things we waited for ours to do, and we too began to seek out additional education and resources to better help our children. 

Here at Speech and Sound Clinic, we want to offer you resources that don’t require degrees to use. We know parents are children’s first and often best teachers, and we want to give you tips, strategies, products and information that you can incorporate in your homes and day-to-day lives. 

We certainly can’t replace the value of your own speech language pathologist and other clinicians, and we don’t mean to. We simply want to share ways—parents to parents—that you can help build your child’s speech and language skills and feel supported in a community of those who know what you’re going through. 

Many different factors affect the speech and language skills of children, and we aim to give you basic level, easy-to-understand tips and advice on ways you can actively engage with your child and help him or her grow in speech and language. Our goal is to help you help your children be successful in their communication—whatever that looks like for them. 

Because we’ve been where you are and we know how lonely it can be. Speech and Sound Clinic is a premier resource for parents because we know what an impact you have on your little one’s developing language and we want to encourage you and empower you every step of the way. 

After all, we’re all in this together.

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