expressive language delay

Expressive Language Delay and How to Deal With It

Language delays like expressive language delay can be challenging for children. Those with this condition will find it difficult to relay information in all social situations, which can be extremely frustrating. With the appropriate help, children can learn how to communicate to better their mental health effectively. Expressive Speech Delay vs. Receptive Speech Delay There […]

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language processing disorder

Language Processing Disorders in Children

A language processing disorder can be a severe impairment to live with, especially for a child. We’ve all experienced a time and place where we couldn’t come up with a specific word. For children with LPD, it can be an everyday challenge. As a result, they often find themselves unable to keep up with conversations. […]

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hearing test for kids

Hearing Test for Kids: What Is It?

Hearing loss is not the only thing that puts your child at risk of deafness; speech delays do, too. Because of this, and to get one step closer to a diagnosis, acquiring a hearing test for kids is quite more common than you might think. With the help of trained professionals, you can quickly have […]

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how many words should a 15 month old say

How Many Words Should a 15 Month Old Say?

Knowing how many words should a 15 month old say can assist you in helping your child’s speech thrive. Although every child’s speech development differs, reduced vocabulary at specific milestones could signify a speech delay. In this guide, we’ll explore what is expected of children at 15 months of age regarding speech and language. How […]

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when do babies respond to their name

When Do Babies Respond to Their Name?

Have you ever wondered when do babies respond to their name? It’s challenging to give a blanket statement, as all children develop at their own pace. With that said, there are general milestones that parents can consider when it comes to child development and their language skills. When Do Babies Respond to Their Name? When […]

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expressive language definition

Expressive Language Definition: Important Things to Know

The simplest expressive language definition relates to your child and how he communicates his thoughts and feelings. It’s far more than putting words together to create incoherent sentences, and it’s a significant developmental milestone. You can often use expressive language as a way to determine if your child requires speech therapy. Expressive Language Definition In […]

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3 year old not talking but understands

3 Year Old Not Talking But Understands: What To Do?

Do you notice your 3 year old not talking but understands? It could be a sign of a speech or language disorder. With that said, it’s essential to acquire a professional diagnosis before attempting to remedy the issue. There are a couple of reasons why your child might not be reaching their developmental speech milestones. […]

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does speech delay run in families

Does Speech Delay Run in Families: The Common Causes of Speech Delay

Many parents worry that their young children might develop a speech delay, be unable to speak at all, or be hearing impaired. It’s easy to fret over these things when you see other parents and their toddlers talking while yours does not. The question that most parents in this situation worry about is Does speech delay […]

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do speech delayed toddlers catch up

Do Speech Delayed Toddlers Catch Up?

Most toddlers at two years old can say roughly 50 words and speak in sentences of two or three words. If yours isn’t doing this, you may worry about speech delay. But, do speech delayed toddlers catch up? The answer depends on the reason for the delay, but they can do so. Milestones help parents and […]

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