5 Best Books for Speech Therapy

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Speech therapy is a form of treatment done to address communication problems.

Also referred to as speech-language therapy, it involves practices that aim to treat speaking or reading challenges.

Besides speech challenges, it also focuses on language knowledge, language use, and social communication issues.

Writing and spelling challenges, particularly dyslexia, might also improve with the help of speech therapy.

To help your child in his journey, here are five of the best books for speech therapy you can use.

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The Mouth With a Mind of Its Own
From Head to Toe Board Book
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Owl Moon

Best Books for Speech Therapy Reviews

1. A Boy and a Jaguar by Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

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Authored by Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, the book tells a simple narrative of a life-long bond between a youngster who felt “broken” and how animals influenced his life’s work.

Time Magazine tagged the book’s main character as the “Indiana Jones of wildlife preservation.”

Inspired by real-life events, join Alan as he embarks on a journey to fulfill a promise to be the voice of animals and people who cannot do so.


As one of the helpful books for speech therapy, there are notable qualities that made it a favorite by many instructors, parents, and children.

  • Based on Personal Accounts

The author had speech issues growing up, particularly stuttering, which he was able to overcome.

Since it covers his life, including college and job references, A Boy and a Jaguar perhaps provides more impact for older book readers.

As such, it could be a guide or inspiration for those who have doubts about their life trajectory due to speech problems.

  • Award-Winning Book

A Boy and a Jaguar, drawn by Catia Chien, has earned an award for the creative representation of handicapped experience in 2015.

It won the Schneider Family Book Award, given by the American Library Association.

Its subjects are not limited to stutterers, though, which makes this book more compelling.

  • Wildlife Advocacy

Dr. Rabinowitz is the founder of Panthera, a big cat conservation group.

After reading the narrative at length, the story can influence its readers to protect animals that have been threatened due to various factors.

By sharing his childhood experience, he aims for readers to understand the significance of wildlife preservation.

  • Relatability

A Boy and a Jaguar depicts a loud and clear message of being a voice for the animals.

Readers can relate to Alan and the animals for not having a “voice.”

The narrative assumes that animals have no human voices and, therefore, people don’t listen to their suffering and anxiety.

Through this story, the reader can empathize with the characters, who also struggle with not being understood.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great illustrations
  • Uplifting story


  • Not Kindle-friendly

2. The Mouth With a Mind of Its Own by Patricia Mervine

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Written by Patricia Mervine, the story of The Mouth With a Mind of Its Own revolves around a boy named Matthew.

As the title implies, the main character has an issue where his brain is not in sync with his mouth.

Because of this, he cannot mingle with other children or even say his own name.

The story is inspired by the author’s experience working with students like Matthew as a speech-language pathologist.


The Mouth With a Mind of Its Own illuminates the struggles toddlers with speech problems have to endure regularly during their formative years.

Let’s explore the features that made the book a must-have for speech therapy.

  • Realistic Story

While other books focus on poking the children’s interest using fictional elements, this book does the opposite.

It narrates the difficulties of a “real” character in a familiar setting, so the readers can directly relate their experiences to the story.

Because they are able to relate to Matthew’s experiences, the book could positively impact their development.

  • Candid and Informative

Despite the regular life premise of The Mouth With a Mind of Its Own, it still has a nice mix of humor and learning.

More often than not, it’s hard to keep the children engaged in a story with nothing but exposition.

Adults also have this sort of issue when there’s not too much to stimulate their senses.

Having a bit of humor in storytelling could diminish this circumstance and might result in better discussion and engagement.

  • Emphasis on Speech Therapist

One of the distinctive aspects of the story is explaining to the readers how a speech therapist can help improve their communication skills.

After finishing the story of The Mouth With a Mind of Its Own, children can be more welcoming and receptive to their respective speech therapists.


  • Applicable for homeschooling
  • Relatable
  • Feel-good story
  • Vivid and colorful illustrations


  • Some words could be a tad abstract for kids
  • Might be too wordy

3. From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

From Head to Toe describes the different movements of animals in detail.

Also, Eric Carle encourages young readers to mimic the various actions made by the creatures in the book, which adds fun to learning.

In turn, children will discover and give importance to the value of listening, exercise, and a new challenge via vivid illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.


Compared to other speech therapy books, From Head to Toe offers a different approach to stimulate the interest and attention of its readers.

Let’s see the notable aspects of this colorful and energetic children’s book.

  • Interactive Learning

It is fascinating to be able to witness a giraffe bending its neck or a monkey turning down its arms.

However, letting the kids emulate these movements adds an element of fun, exercise, and engagement.

A kid is partnered with an animal on every two-page spread.

Then, the assigned are urged to move in the same manner as the highlighted creature.

The exuberant art could intrigue young toddlers, who might love the art and making their own motions.

  • Repeating Phrases

From Head to Toe incorporates plenty of repeating phrases that are extremely helpful for those struggling to communicate.

Due to its speech therapy-friendly questions, it further improves the children’s receptiveness and confidence.

  • Good Storyline

When it comes to the plot, From Head to Toe might not have a serious or real-world setting.

However, it has enough details to keep the children interested, which is beneficial to ensure they are learning continuously.

  • Quality Illustration

With an art style that many readers can relate to, the book makes itself more accessible than others.

The child art-like theme of the illustrations could also motivate the kids to attempt drawing the characters in the book.

While it is not directly related to speech therapy, getting interested in art will ultimately contribute to their learning and development as young students.

  •  Clear

Because of the bright text and illustration, older relatives such as grandparents will find the book easy to read with kids.

What’s more, it’s not a challenge to read the contents with a bedside lamp, so it can easily become a favorite bedtime book.


  • Caters to many different types of children
  • Durable cover
  • Available in multiple languages


  • Pricier than others
  • Back cover art may not be available inside

4. Sammy Goes to Speech by Marissa Siegel

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Tailored for children who are either just starting speaking or in speech therapy, Sammy Goes to Speech is a resourceful and educational book.

It was written by Marissa Siegel, a speech-language pathologist.

The book tells a unique story about a girl who struggles with communication.

The premise is Sammy, the main character, desperately wants to talk but can’t find his voice.

Sammy and his mother then look for his voice all over but have trouble finding it.


Sammy Goes to Speech is labeled as one of the great resources for families with little ones dealing with speech issues.

Let’s check out why the book has earned praise from its readers.

  • Written by a Pro

As a licensed speech-language pathologist, Marissa Siegel has enough credentials and experience to produce a quality book.

Regarding the overall reception of Sammy Goes to Speech, it’s evident that there’s a consensus about its effectiveness as a speech therapy book.

According to Siegel, she was motivated by her own experience as an SLP to create this book.

Her sensitivity grew enormously after working with numerous families with small children dealing with speech issues.

She also realized that only a few accessible options are available for families that join the realm of speech therapy.

These factors inspired her to write Sammy Goes to Speech.

  • Clear, Concise Illustration

While the artwork is not as dynamic as other speech therapy books, it more than makes up for it with simplicity and clarity.

In regards to enhancing the speech level of children, the illustration doesn’t need to be significantly impressive.

  • Accessible Storyline

The narrative of the book is mainly for children who are learning how to communicate appropriately.

However, the engaging, practical storyline is also applicable even for those who don’t need an SLP.

Values such as perseverance and creativity apply to all children, which will contribute to their mental development.

  • Relatable Main Character

Many kids will find Sammy a relatable character mainly because he also goes to speech class and has a friendly speech-language pathologist.

His stuffed toy, Mr. Monster, adds an element of fun to the entire book, which draws the reader more to the story.

  • Bonus Content

After the story concludes, you’ll see additional sections labeled as “Tips” and “Activities.”

These sections provide parents with practical and accessible ideas that could help their kids improve.

As you can imagine, these parts make the book more equipped for speech therapy than others.

In addition to the engaging story, you can also use the tips and activities that the author has carefully written.

  •  Philanthropy

While it is not necessarily a content attribute of the book, it’s great to know that a portion of its sales is put to meaningful research.

A part of the proceeds is dedicated to funding research on childhood communication disorders.


  • Uplifting
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to understand


  • Age range not wide

5. Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

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The Owl Moon is about a small child and her father looking forward to encountering the perfect owl.

The small girl has been waiting years to take part in the family ritual.

While their goal is about finishing an objective, the storyline revolves around the concept of love of nature and simplicity.

The book is for kids of all ages and is written by Jane Yolen.


The Owl Moon is revered by many as one of the best books for speech therapy because of its notable qualities.

Let’s learn about the features of this classic children’s book.

  • Applicable to Children of Different Ages

The Owl Moon tells a family-oriented story, so it’s a great book for children of all ages, from older preschoolers to school-age students.

Because of the theme and virtues presented, it is also relatable to those reading it.

  • High-Quality Illustration

The Owl Moon is rich in shadow and moonlight art details, which displays the people in the story from different perspectives.

Interesting angles of other forest animals are also prominently illustrated.

The picture compliments that narrative in this exceptional book.

Schoenherr, the illustrator, used nightly soft and misty blacks and browns, contrasting them with the piercing white snow.

Due to its art, the Owl Moon won a Caldecott Medal in 1988.

  • Dynamic Storytelling

While the cover art may imply a fantasy story, the Own Moon has a realistic narrative that many will find relatable and applicable to daily life.

The poetic language contributes to its wholesome appeal, while the imagery enhances the quality of the storytelling.

Considering these attributes, it wouldn’t be strange that many view the Owl Moon as a classic and must-have children’s book.


  • Excellent gift
  • Good story to share during Christmas or winter
  • Inspiring for young kids
  • Impressive print quality


  • Some proses might be a bit long
  • Underwhelming SLP elements


Out of these five outstanding books, we think Sammy Goes to Speech stands out.

Taking into account its readability, add-ons, illustration, and overall quality, it would be hard not to see how this book will help children.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more interactive, you should check out From Head to Toe.