7 Best Books for 2-Year Olds

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Reading is known to greatly affect your children’s learning, comprehension, speech, and hearing skills. But what are the best books for 2-year-olds to help them overcome speech delay issues, learn to read, and better connect with the world around them?

Ultimately, there will be a lot of good options, but not all books are created to tackle these issues.

To ensure that your children can master language, understand verbal and written words, and make the most of their skills, you need the right books.

Today, you can learn about the top books currently on the market for this age group.

With the right books in hand, you and your two-year-old can make the most of the time you spend reading together.

Word mastery is a skill that your children can acquire. It’s time for you to learn how to make that dream a reality.

What To Look for in These Books

The things you should be looking for when choosing books for two-year-olds, particularly those facing speech delay or other language learning delays, include:

  • Illustration

Having large, clear pictures is good for children so that they can focus on learning words, concepts, and more. 

  • Tactile Aspects

Children can be encouraged with sensory aspects such as finger puppets or soft, pettable pictures in their books. 

  • Basic Stories

Focusing on things that your child will encounter in everyday life will teach them about the world while they read. 

  • Novelty Aspects

Pop-ups, puppets, and more can help keep your child focused and engaged when they might have trouble doing so. 

  • Rhyming and Intonation

Books that play with sounds are great for this age as they are still developing their listening, speaking, and comprehension skills.

Best Books for 2 Year Olds

Comparison Chart

Where Is Maisy?: A Maisy Lift-the-Flap Book
This Little Piggy (Finger Puppet Book) (Finger Puppet Board Book)
Baby Touch and Feel: Farm
Busy Park (Busy Books)
Bedtime Favorites (Storybook Collection)
Sesame Street Elmo Manners Books for Kids Toddlers — Set of 8 Manners Books

1. What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen? by Nick Sharratt


The book What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen? by Nick Sharratt is a book about a silly, not spooky witch and what is inside her kitchen.


The author and illustrator of this book, Nick Sharratt, is a popular children’s book author.

The pictures in this story are very clear and easy for children to engage with, and the book has pull tags for them to play with.

Each page of What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen? can be changed between “nice” and “yucky” things by engaging with these tabs.

This type of responsive feedback is great for engaging language and communication skills more deeply while reading with your toddler.


  • Engaging pull tabs
  • Fun, cute story
  • Encourages creativity and imagination
  • Well-known author


  • Not very realistic
  • Tabs wear out over time

2. Where Is Maisy?: A Maisy Lift-the-Flap Book

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Next on our list is the Where Is Maisy?: A Maisy Lift-the-Flap Book written by Lucy Cousins.

Lift-the-flap books like this one are fun missions for your kids to engage with.


Lucy Cousins is another popular children’s author, and the Maisy series is a well-known one among many parents for how fun they are to read together.

In this book, Maisy is hiding. As you talk about the house and look for Maisy, you and your child will be able to talk about a lot of different things.

From discussing the items in the house to discussing location words, language mastery will be highly encouraged while reading.

That makes the Where Is Maisy? book a great tool for parents who are working on language and communication with their children.


  • Fun concept
  • Cute, popular character
  • Engaging art style
  • Kids love finding Maisy


  • Flaps wear out over time
  • Thin pages for a board book

3. This Little Piggy (Finger Puppet Book)

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The third book on our list is a super tactile book. The This Little Piggy is a board book that includes finger puppets you can use while storytelling.


This Little Piggy (Finger Puppet Book) brings the best of tactile learning and sensory development to a toddler’s book.

The simple finger puppet is built into the book and travels through the story with you.

By using the finger puppet, you can engage your child with the story, beat, and rhyme.

This combination is known to help improve communication and language skills very rapidly.

Plus, kids love to play with the finger puppet mitt while you are reading the story!

It is a great way to keep them involved and engaged throughout the book.


  • Included finger puppet very soft
  • Thick board pages
  • Easy to read words
  • Simple, cute illustration style


  • Incredibly simple story
  • Just a few pages

4. Baby Touch and Feel: Farm

Another sensory experience book is the Baby Touch and Feel: Farm. It has many pettable pages that your kids will enjoy and is available in two types: hardcover and board book.


This is a touch-and-feel book, which means many of the pages have textured sections that you can engage with.

From scratchy straw to wooly lamb, you and your baby can feel through the story together.

This combination of touch and reading helps your baby learn more about interacting with the world.

Comprehension, as well as language mastery skills, will be improved by using touch-and-feel books like the Baby Touch and Feel: Farm. Plus, they’re just fun to go through!

The touch-and-feel series is good even for very young readers, so you can use them for a longer time than some other books.


  • Covers color, shapes, patterns, and more
  • Great educational tool
  • Fun to play with
  • Thick board pages


  • Touch areas can wear out
  • Small touch areas

5. Busy Park (Busy Books)

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That last one in our best books for 2 year olds list, let’s look at the Busy Park (Busy Books); a book about finding familiar things in the world.

This also also available in hardcover and board book versions.


This Busy Park book is a pull-tab book. Pull-tab books allow children to interact with the story by pulling on tabs that then cause a reaction in the story’s world.

For example, pulling a tab in this book might move a see-saw or close a gate.

Having pull-tab elements in the story has a few benefits. It helps keep the attention of your toddler while you’re reading to them.

Additionally, it helps improve critical thinking and language skills.

Learning that one action causes another is a huge skill for kids, and this book can help accomplish just that.

Another thing worth noting is that the illustrations in this story book are very fun.

Since the story is about the park, somewhere your child might visit with you or go to, they can apply what they see to their everyday lives.


  • Engages with real life
  • Cute designs
  • An engaging, simple story
  • Teaches reactive situations


  • Pull tabs wear out
  • Relatively thin pages

6. Bedtime Favorites Storybook Collection


When it comes to tired toddlers, sometimes there is just nothing better than some good old bedtime stories, just like these ones here.


This is a rather perfect little storybook that comes complete with 18 different Disney stories, as well as over 250 illustrations. Disney might not be anything new, but they are timeless stories that just never go out of style.

Although this is just a storybook, so it is not overly engaging, it does teach kids how to read a little bit, and of course, the stories are very entertaining too. It’s something that you can read to your kids at bedtime or naptime, and it’s something that they can learn to read on their own too.


  • 18 stories
  • Many colorful pictures
  • Great for parents and kids alike


  • Not interactive

7. Sesame Street Elmo Manners Books for Kids


Kids are young and their brains are like sponges. Unfortunately, one thing that kids are not born with are manners and general social skills, how to be a kind, good, and respectable person. Well, this is exactly what this eight pack of Sesame Street Elmo Manners Books for Kids is designed for, to teach your kids some much needed manners.


Here you get a set of eight books, courtesy of Elmo and Sesame Street. One thing your kids will like here is that these books incorporate all of the Sesame Street characters that we all know and love, such as Elmo, Ernie, the Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and more. They’re certainly quite colorful and entertaining books to say the least.

The eight books you get here, or in other words, the skills and manners that these books can teach your kids, include sharing, being polite, please and thankyou, good for you, taking turns, be a friend, all about feelings, and working together.

Together, these eight books can teach your child how to be somebody that respects others and works well in teams. Let’s not forget that these books are designed so that your kids can easily read them, although you as a parent can read them to your kids too.


  • Teaches manners
  • Easy for kids to read
  • Colorful and interactive
  • Eight books for a low price


  • Very small – more pamphlets that books

FAQs About Books for Two-Year-Olds

1. Why Are Books Good For Toddlers?

There are a huge number of reasons why books are good for toddlers to experience, including:

  • Develop basic language skills
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Help improve speech and hearing
  • Great bonds between reader and child
  • Improves comprehension and critical thinking
  • Develop imagination skills
  • Teaches about the world and other people
  • Encourages thought and questions
  • Offer entertainment and comfort

These are just a few of the many things that books can do for your toddler.

Most people know that reading is a very important skill to work on with your toddler, but not everyone knows why the skill is so important.

As you can see, reading can help improve skills that will affect many areas of life, so working on this is an essential thing to do.

2. Is It Normal for a 2 Year Old To Memorize Books?

Yes, this is very normal! Your child memorizing books is a sign that they are ready to move on to the next step of learning how to read, and that is incredible.

When your child begins to show you how they read, you can begin to teach more about language when they are actually just repeating the memorized words.

This step is huge for parents struggling to help their children overcome speech delays or similar language issues.

Once your child has memorized words from their favorite story, it will become easier to teach them what words are, how they are used, and what they look like.

Reinforcing language sounds, rhymes, letters, and more can be done around the basis of the memorized story.

Consider this step a huge moment in your child’s learning, and make sure to applaud and celebrate it with them as well.

Positive reinforcement is critical at this stage.

3. What Books Should Toddlers Read?

Nearly any child-friendly book can have benefits for toddlers.

Still, the best way to choose a book for your toddler is to focus on what they need to practice or learn more about.

Children dealing with speech delay, for example, can be helped by choosing the right books.

This means choosing books with tactile aspects, engaging rhyming patterns, and inflection that can be used to connect the toddler with language better.

When you’re choosing books for your toddler, first think about what skills your child needs to develop even further.

Once you have that in mind, you’ll be able to focus your book search on books that will allow you and your child to focus on those skills.

What Are The Best Books for 2 Year Olds?

The best books for two-year-olds are those that will ensure that their language skills, reading comprehension, and other learning patterns can improve.

This means books with good rhyming, sensory impact, and novelty designs will be the most successful in terms of education.

Among these options, the book What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen? by Nick Sharratt is one of the best for toddlers ready to learn more imaginatively.

Since this book is set around a witch but still has real consequences with the pull-tabs, it’s a great educational book that is still fun to read for parents.

Another great book is This Little Piggy (Finger Puppet Book) for the fun element added by the in-book finger puppet.

Playing with this will keep your toddler engaged throughout the story, which is essential for good learning.

In the end, many books can be used to educate your child properly.

The key is that you should continue to use books to help your two-year-old develop their language, speech, and brains.

The books you choose are important, but making sure you do this is the most important.