6 Best Toddler Activity Tables

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Activity tables are one of the best toys out there for toddlers. That’s because they’re full of activities that will keep them occupied, stimulated, and learning for hours on end.

When you have the best toddler activity table set up, you’ll be helping their growth, learning, and enjoyment more than you can imagine.

Some activity tables are also great for children dealing with speech delays or hearing issues.

You’ll see some type of improvement in fine motor skills, engagement, dexterity, and more when your kids use a fully engaging toy like these tables.

By choosing the right table for your little toddler, you’ll be setting them up for fun times and successful learning.

There’s a great number of brands and models you can find in the market today, so we’ll narrow down your choices through this guide.

Best Toddler Activity Table Reviews

Comparison Chart

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table (Frustration Free Packaging), Green
Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table
Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table | Kids Water Table with Umbrella & 10-Pc Accessory Set
VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe (Frustration Free Packaging)
Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station Table Toddler Toy with Lights and Melodies, Ages 12 months and up
41HLiXk i9L
Kids Sand Table with Cover Water Table – Sand & Water Table for Toddler Sandbox Activity Table with Cover Sand Table Sensory Table Beach Toys for Kids Play Sand Table 15 PCS

1. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

413uFyi2SWS. SL500

The LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table is a great, multi-purpose table that has songs, tunes, phrases, and so much more that your kids can learn from.

Product Highlights

The LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table puts a heavy focus on having many musical and sound responses for your child to learn from.

There are colorful instruments, buttons, and more that can be activated to make more than 70 different sounds.

This variety of responses makes it very powerful as an educational toy for your toddler.

From motor skills to language skills, the toy will engage many different parts of your toddler’s brain.

The LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table can also be flipped between learning mode and music mode so that you can get even more well-rounded benefits.

This toy is intended for children from ages six months to 36 months.

51tHp7ofTvS. SL500

The Good

One of the coolest things about this learning activity center is that it can grow with your child!

You can remove the legs easily to do floor play when your baby is still sitting and crawling.

Then, you can put the legs back on once your child is standing and walking.

This makes the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table a toy that will be used for a long time with your child, even as they grow.

The Bad

While it’s a good thing that the product can grow with your child, the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table is a bit too lightweight for children to lean on it for support.

That means there will be a brief period when your child first learns to stand and lean that they shouldn’t use the table.

Once they can support their own weight, they can use it again.


  • Good for different ages
  • Multiple language options
  • Huge number of activities
  • Durable
  • Easy to build


  • Lightweight; not good for leaning on
  • Many parts to clean

2. Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table

410jgIOt76L. SL500

Next up is the Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table, a well-priced option that offers multiple modes and languages to engage with.

Product Highlights

The Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Table is a fun table that has a unique ball game on it.

When your toddler puts the balls into the middle of the table, it comes down through one of the ball drop ramps.

Your toddler needs to check out which ramp it came down, which gets them moving while they play with the table.

In addition to the ball game, there are lights, spinning toys, and buttons that can be activated to engage the 60+ sounds on the unit.

You can also remove the Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table’s legs, so your younger toddlers can use it too.

511BDBObPjL. SL500

The Good

This is one of the only toys that can be operated in four different languages right out of the box.

The Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table can be used in English, French, Spanish, German.

That makes it a great choice for those in bilingual homes or those who want to teach a different language from a very young age.

The Bad

One potential drawback of the Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table is that there aren’t many motor activities that your child can play with beyond the ball activity.

But of course, there are tons of songs and sounds that are activated by pushing buttons!

That makes this a great choice for those ready to focus on communication and language.


  • Four language options available
  • More than 60 sounds and songs
  • Incredibly durable
  • Simple assembly
  • Fun design


  • Balls can get lost
  • Limited motor activities

3. Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table


The Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table is an outdoor play table that offers a huge number of accessories.

Product Highlights

The Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table is an outdoor activity table that has a two-tier setup.

When water is poured into the top tier, it filters through the holes to rain down on the bottom tier.

With the included buckets and accessories, your children can play with the toy and engage with it by pouring the water.

There are thirteen accessories included, so kids will find many ways to play with this.

The design of the Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table is large enough so that multiple children can play together at one time.

It encourages sensory, motor, communication, and language skills through play.


The Good

The Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table is particularly good for developing STEM-type skills.

It has a maze aspect; as the pieces are rearranged, the way the water falls will also change.

This will show children how one design change can affect others, which is an important early STEM education skill.

The Bad

The most difficult thing about the Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table is the assembly.

However, the time spent putting it together is worth it for all the fun that your toddler will have.


  • Varied ages can easily play together
  • Encourages STEM learning
  • Lots of development skills
  • Cute and fun
  • Great for the backyard


  • Takes some effort to build
  • Middle parts need a drain hole

4. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

51+k9uPelkL. SL500

The VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is a unique seated activity table that works as an interactive desk.

Product Highlights

The Touch and Learn Activity Desk is a great activity station from the popular brand VTech.

This desk has five different pages of educational content that your child can touch and engage with.

When interacting with the telephone, music player, and sheets, your toddler will see more than 100 words, 20 activities, and 20 melodies while playing.

The VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe features all-around engaging material.

Your child can sit on the included chair while working through all of it.

Plus, the desk even has some available add-ons to add to the desk to expand what it does even further.

51fukSAUkGL. SL500

The Good

The coolest part of this activity table is how versatile it is for covering lots of different learning activities.

Not only can you change out the mats on the top of the desk, but you can also open the desk to the inside chalkboard and art station.

Between the top learning and the inside art center, your toddler can do so many different activities.

The Bad

One potential concern with the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe is that the top can snap closed when opened to the art station.

There isn’t a built-in feature to keep it from closing, but you could easily add one if it is a concern for you.


  • Durable
  • Double-sided with extra activities
  • Engages creativity and basic early learning
  • Easy assembly


  • Desk snaps closed
  • Legs not removable

5. Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station

41cXkiLcQlL. SL500

Finally, let’s look at the affordable Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station, a great option for multiple kids to use at once.

Product Highlights

The Baby Einstein Curiosity Table is a double-sided activity table that has many different activities.

The unit has pieces of gear to play with, colors to explore, lighted aspected, and a blank canvas that can be creatively explored.

When playing with the unit, there are more than 65 melodies that your child can use.

The vocabulary can be introduced in English, French, or Spanish, and the unit is suitable for all stages of being a toddler.

You can remove the Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station’s legs for floor play and then reattached as needed.

51aGmV3w7rL. SL500

The Good

While all activity tables stimulate critical thinking, the Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station takes that even further.

That is all thanks to the specific nature of the activities.

Many parents find that this unit’s activities seem to encourage creativity and curiosity better than they ever saw with other units.

The Bad

The Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station is very light.

While this is convenient for portability and storage, it can lead to the unit tipping over.

Be careful about where you set this up if your child is still in the stage where they lean very heavily on the table.


  • Higher-level thinking engagement
  • Multiple kids can use at once
  • Double-sided
  • Many activities


  • Very lightweight
  • Could tip over

6. Sowow Kids Sand Table

41HLiXk i9L

If you have kids that like to use their hands, like to build stuff, and really get those digits dirty, then something like this Sowow Kids Sand Table could be perfect for them.


This little sand table is a great thing to have, both for indoor and outdoor use. Sure, using it indoors might get a little messy, but the point is that it is small and lightweight, so you as a parent can easily move it around from one location to another.

This particular activity table is also very easy to assemble and disassemble, something else that helps with portability, plus it’s easy to store in a closet or any other tight space when not in use.

Speaking of cleaning, the Sowow Kids Sand Table is made out of solid plastic, so it’s pretty easy to wipe down with a wet cloth or rag whenever needed.

The Sowow Kids Sand Table comes complete with a dual-section sandbox table, or in other words, two small sandboxes, kind of like a dual kitchen sink. This unit can also be used as a water table for kids, as it is waterproof, so instead of sand, you can fill it with water and water toys. It can also be used as a sensory table.

What your kids will also like about the Sowow Kids Sand Table is that it comes complete with 15 different accessories, including shovels, rakes, sand molds, a water can, and more.


  • Portable
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Doubles as a water table
  • Can be used as a sensory table
  • Comes with plenty of accessories


  • Very small

Toddler Activity Table Buyers Guide

What specific features should you look for when shopping for different toddler activity tables?

A few things are more important than everything else; pay attention to these features before everything else.

Added Features

An activity table aims to create an engaging and educational atmosphere for your toddler.

As such, make sure you choose a table with the right added features, such as music, lights, buttons, and sounds.

Basically, anything that your child can interact with and then receive some type of response.

Responses are significant when it comes to making the most out of activity tables.

When your child gets a sensory response to something they do, their critical thinking and comprehension skills will benefit.


As with any toy or product for that matter, you will want to consider the activity table’s durability.

It is not something that your child will use for their entire life, but you should be able to get at least a solid year of use out of the table.

It would be even better if the table could be passed down to other children as well!

Durability is determined by the materials used to create the table as well as the way that the features are set up.

If the table has too many easily breakable features, your child won’t be able to get the most benefits out of the arrangement.

Look for a table that has high potential durability.

Ease of Cleaning

Kids will be messy at times, and you want to make sure that you can easily clean up their toys.

Activities are no different, and you want to choose an activity table that won’t be too difficult to clean.

If you are considering tables with electrical components, check how easy it is to remove the batteries and clean around these components.

Otherwise, look at the nooks and crannies: are they going to be difficult to clean?

Most activity tables are designed with parents in mind, so this shouldn’t be a huge concern.

Still, you want to make sure that you won’t be struggling to keep the table clean since that would be very frustrating for you to deal with.

Plus, it can become a haven for microorganisms that might make your child sick.


Activity tables are a great way to help your child calm down and feel relaxed in a new environment, such as when visiting family.

By choosing an activity table that you can fold and pack away easily, you can bring it with you on such trips.

Not everyone needs to focus on portability as a primary feature, but it is something worth considering.

If you are determined to bring the activity table with you to new locations, make sure that you check on how portable a table is before you make your final choice.

Number of Activities

While you don’t want the table to be too overwhelming, you still want it to have enough activities to keep children engaged day-after-day.

The number of activities should be comparable to the size and setup.

Twelve activities might be too much for a tiny activity table, but it could be the perfect amount if they are laid out properly.

Ultimately, there isn’t an exact number of activities.

The key is that there are enough to keep your child entertained, so consider how quickly they tend to move from toy to toy when playing.

If they move frequently, look for a higher number of activities.

If they can sit and be engaged with one toy for a long time, you are safe with a smaller number.

Of course, you should also ensure that the types of activities included are suited to the skills that your child needs to further develop.

Toddler Activity Table FAQs

1. What Age Is An Activity Table For?

Children can use activity tables designed for the floor or have a seat as young as four months old.

On the other hand, tables with legs should be used by children who can stand and older.

In most cases, activity tables are used for children between seven months and three years old.

The exact timetable of when your child is ready to use an activity table will depend on their development.

Just pay attention to how well they can hold themselves up before you decide to get them a standing activity table.

Once they can stand or balance on a table, you’ll be ready to find them the right table.

3. Are Baby Activity Centers Safe?

In-and-of themselves, baby activity centers are safe for your child to use as long as they have the right style and size for their age and development level.

The major concern with using activity centers is that your child might learn to over-rely on the table for standing.

This could lead to them struggling to find the right center of balance.

As with any toy, though, you should only allow your child to play with the activity center in moderation.

This is particularly true when they are still learning on the table for support.

It is less important once they can stand on their own.

Most suggest limiting time on the center to 20 to 30 minutes at a time to prevent this from happening.

4. Are Activity Centers Bad for Babies?

Activity centers are not inherently bad for babies.

In fact, activity centers can provide many different types of development encouragement, which makes them a good toy for many babies.

As mentioned above, the biggest concern is that the kid may rely too heavily on the center for support.

5. What Are the Best Activities for Toddlers?

The best activities for toddlers will depend on your child’s development.

Every child develops differently, so the activities you should focus on will depend on that growth pattern.

Overall, though, there are a few categories of activities that are best to focus on when working with toddlers:

  • Language Activities

Sensory activities, puppet shows, reading, and other language activities help to engage speech, hearing, and understanding.

This is especially important for children with speech delays.

  • Motor Skill Activities

Crafting and science-based activities are great for improving dexterity and other tangible motor skills.

  • Social Activities

Role-play and reading can be great social activities that will teach children about the world and how to interact socially successfully.

  • Early Learning Activities

Learning the alphabet and simple songs is great for early learning; these activities kickstart development for children.

  • Imagination Activities

Reading books and role-playing activities can help your children learn how to exercise their creativity and imagination.

6. What Learning Activities To Do With a 2 Year Old?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different activities you could do with a two-year-old.

Here are some fun activities to try at home if you haven’t yet thought of them:

  • Play doctor, mailman, or any other job that they can learn about.
  • Count things around the house to teach counting and language skills.
  • Play with building blocks to improve dexterity as well as comprehension of letters or numbers.
  • Set up a Simon Says game to teach children about instructions and control while also engaging their motor skills.
  • Trace or draw objects to improve motor skills while also improving self-control.
  • Create a game of “sink or float” to help children with cognition and early learning basics.
  • Sort objects by color, type, or another category to improve cognition, listening skills, and recognition.
  • Do finger painting together as a sensory activity that also improves fine motor skills.

As you can see, there are so many different ways that you can help your two-year-old learn while you are playing with them.

Nearly anything can become a game that will teach positive skills.

Play is a win-win because they will learn while you also get to enjoy a great time together!

Choosing the Right Activity Table

The best toddler activity table options all focus on early learning skills and sensory engagement.

This is great for parents who have children with speech delay concerns and children who need to develop their motor skills.

In fact, activity tables can really be used to improve nearly any skill that your child needs to develop.

Among all of these tables, the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table stands out above the rest for the huge variety of learning options it offers.

It has two different languages, more than 70 sounds, and it can be adapted to be properly used by different aged toddlers. 

Another great table is the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe for the amazing amount of content that it covers while also doubling as an art station.

Activity tables are a great way to engage your child with specific skills while also having a great time.

Choose the activity table that suits their needs best, and you are sure to see those skills start to grow even more!

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