5 Best Speech Therapy Toys

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The best speech therapy toys will give your child a set of engaging and entertaining tools to help develop their speech.

With a mix of hands-on activities that they can use independently or with assistance, you can help them reach their milestones.

From tablet-friendly digital programs to apraxia kits, there are many different speech toys to consider.

Below, we’ve found five of the top options for children who need speech toys to stimulate their learning.

Let’s take a look at all of the fantastic features these products have to offer.

Comparison Chart

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Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for Fire Tablet
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Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with Nap Time
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TalkTools Apraxia Kit
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ANIMAL ISLAND Aila Sit & Play Preschool Learning System
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Learning Home

Best Speech Therapy Toys Reviews

1. Osmo Genius Starter Kit for Fire Tablet

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The Osmo Genius Starter Kit for Fire Tablet is a unique option for speech therapy as it focuses on multiple aspects of a child’s education.

This kit is designed for kids between six and 10 years of age and comprises math, spelling, and creative activities.

With educational learning games, you can further your child’s speech therapy from the comfort of your home.

Product Highlights

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive features of the Osmo Genius Starter Kit for Fire Tablet.

  • Interactive Games

This kit is filled with an assortment of hands-on and digital games to help make learning easier.

You’ll be able to pair the starter kit with your Fire Tablet while using interactive game pieces.

Fortunately, this kit doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection to work, making it ideal for travel.

  • Puzzle-Based Learning

Working with puzzles is a fantastic way to assist with cognitive and motor skill functioning.

The majority of activities in the Osmo Genius Starter Kit for Fire Tablet are puzzle-based.

Children will arrange puzzle pieces to match their on-screen instructions or draw directly on the screen.

In addition to puzzle games, they can work through activities that help them add, count, and multiple tiles.

There is also a multitude of spelling and vocabulary activities that are bound to assist with speech.

  • Full-Range Learning

It can be challenging to find educational toys that focus on every aspect of a child’s education.

Fortunately, this kit helps with a wide variety of skills.

Your child will be able to develop stronger spelling, word comprehension, and listening skills.

They will also work through visual puzzles, math, freehand drawing, creative problem-solving, and more.

It’s a fantastic solution for children who love learning in an engaging environment.

  • Real-Time Feedback

As your child works through the activities in the kit, they’ll be able to receive real-time feedback from the program.

This process is a distinctive way to encourage them to try their hardest while letting them know the incorrect and correct answers.

They’ll appreciate being able to work through challenging puzzles using experimentation in a comfortable environment.

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What To Like About It

The Osmo Genius Starter Kit for Fire Tablet is designed to be simple for children to understand.

All digital games connect effortlessly with the game pieces, and the kit also comes with storage for small parts.

What Not To Like About It

If you have a Fire 8 tablet, you might have to purchase an adapter to use the game base for this kit.

Also, some of the activities are poorly explained, especially when you get to the higher learning levels.


  • Easily understandable for kids
  • Effortless to set up
  • Games interact easily with pieces
  • Convenient storage for activity pieces


  • Could need an adapter for Fire 8 tablets
  • Some activities are complicated

2. Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with Nap Time

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It’s common for parents to look for speech therapy toys that don’t require screens.

The Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with Nap Time is a fabulous alternative to standard tablet learning.

With an interactive design, it’s the type of toy that your kids will be able to use daily.

Product Highlights

Let’s look at the most interesting features of the Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with Nap Time.

  • Screen-Free Experience

As mentioned, this speech therapy toy is specifically designed to help children avoid using screens.

As an audio box, your children can effortlessly listen to stories, nursery rhymes, and other content.

They will then use their imaginations to dive deep into the fantasy worlds without being overstimulated.

  • Easy-to-Use Design

The simplicity of the audio box is a fabulous feature that needs to be considered.

It is easy for parents to set up, but its simple user interface is also effortless for children to use independently.

Your kids can put on their favorite stories before bed or during downtimes throughout the day.

  • Automatic Playback

Children can begin specific stories by placing the individual character models onto the Toniebox.

Once the toy is put near the box, stories will automatically start playing.

You can also change the volume by pressing either one of the ears on the top of the unit.

  • Many Learning Opportunities

One of the most critical elements of speech therapy is to have children listen to spoken words.

With the Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with Nap Time, they will have access to multiple learning avenues.

Four individual characters offer unique stories to keep kids engaged.

Along with the stories, you’ll also have bedtime songs, white noise sounds, nature sounds, and more.

If you want to diversify your child’s story selection, you can purchase other characters separately.

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What To Like About It

The Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with Nap Time is a great way to expose children to a broad vocabulary through clear and easy-to-understand stories.

Children will love the simple design that’s easy for them to use on their own.

Also, you’ll find that it is highly interactive for a straightforward audio box.

What Not To Like About It

One inconvenience of this toy is that it requires a Wi-Fi connection, which doesn’t make it the best choice for travel.

Also, it doesn’t have any extra languages outside of English for children to learn.


  • Ideal design for audiobooks
  • Very easy for children to use
  • Clear and easy to understand readings
  • Fun and interactive design


  • Requires Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Lacks language selection

3. TalkTools Apraxia Kit

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High-quality speech therapy programs can be challenging to find, especially outside of a speech-language pathologist’s office.

The TalkTools Apraxia Kit helps bring speech learning home with an assortment of unique tools for speech improvement.

With this kit, you’ll never run out of exciting and educational exercises that you can do with your children.

Product Highlights

Let’s review some of the highlights of the TalkTools Apraxia Kit.

  • Professionally-Designed

When investing in speech tools, you’ll want to know that the toys have been expertly designed.

This particular kit was developed by Renee Roy Hill, MS, CCC-SLP, and a TalkTools instructor.

As such, you can expect that every item in the kit assists children with oral placement activities and speech production.

  • Multi-Purpose Kit

As mentioned, there are many different tools included in the kit that you can put to good use.

Over time, you should see a significant improvement in your child’s motor-planning deficits, which sometimes lead to improper speech production.

You’ll receive one set of bilabial shapes, speech blocks, and tactile cubes.

There is also a unique QR code included, which you can use with your smartphone or tablet.

Once paired, you’ll be able to browse through professional demonstrations and instructions to help make the most of the kit’s tools.

  • Tactile Cueing Support

With the help of the three sets of tools in the TalkTools Apraxia Kit, users will develop improved tactile cueing.

It’s specifically designed to help with the following sounds: M, P, B, Oo, Oh, Ee, Ih, Eh, Uh, and Ah.

By placing the toys in their mouths, those with speech deficits can feel the articulators formulate proper speech.

  • Multisensory Approach

There’s no doubt that children can learn more effectively with the help of sensory activities.

The TalkTools Apraxia Kit is designed to provide a multisensory approach.

Children will hear and feel different phonemes when they talk, assisting with proper speech development.

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What To Like About It

The TalkTools Apraxia Kit is a straightforward product that assists children and adults with developing speech.

The instructional videos are easy to follow, making the tool simple for day-to-day use.

Also, they are comfortable for children because they are perfectly sized to be used with supervision.

What Not To Like About It

Without the QR code instructions, these tools can be challenging for beginners to get the hang of.

It’s also important to note that your child may require outside motivation because they aren’t challenging enough at times.

You’ll want to ensure children have an incentive to complete their speech therapy daily.


  • Clear instructional videos
  • Easy for daily use
  • Simple design
  • Comfortable for children


  • Challenging to use without instructions
  • Requires outside motivation

4. ANIMAL ISLAND Aila Sit and Play Preschool Learning System

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As another option for digital learning, the ANIMAL ISLAND Aila Sit and Play Preschool Learning System is a delightful find.

It features plenty of activities to help children with speech development while offering a well-rounded preschool education.

Your children can learn in an engaging environment by focusing on letters, numbers, and vocabulary words.

Product Highlights

There are several highlights of the ANIMAL ISLAND Aila Sit and Play Preschool Learning System. Let’s look at its most impressive features.

  • High-Quality Toddler Education

Every activity in this kit will assist children between the ages of 12 and 36 months.

As soon as they’re able to sit up, they can take advantage of any of these engaging activities.

All of the content has been developed by educators and early learning innovators.

  • Worry-Free

One of the most considerable advantages of this learning system is that parents won’t have to worry once it’s set up.

It’s designed for kids to use independently, which means it’s hands-free, ad-free, and subscription-free.

You’ll also receive free updates throughout the year to keep the system in tip-top shape for learning.

  • Intuitive Learning

Giving children a well-rounded education is of the utmost importance, and this system doesn’t disappoint.

It has AI learning software and exclusive content that adapts to your child’s needs.

Plus, it’s also designed to assist with learning over the most crucial years of your child’s development.

With every activity, kids can learn about numbers, social skills, and early literacy.

It’s also a fantastic solution for establishing emotional growth during their first years.

The activities include stories, words, shapes, colors, ABCs, and 123s.

  • Milestone Tracking

As your child works through the ANIMAL ISLAND Aila Sit and Play Preschool Learning System activities, their progress is monitored.

The AILA technology keeps track of curriculum milestones to ensure the right content is delivered at a good pace for your child.

There are also three adaptable modes you can choose from, including Learning Session, Lullaby, and Exposure Broadcasting.

  • Parent-Friendly App

Apart from the learning system, parents can download the AILA Parent App.

In this app, you can set specific learning sessions, check on your toddler, monitor screen time, and send photos and videos.

It’s an all-inclusive learning platform that your children will love.

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What To Like About It

The ANIMAL ISLAND Aila Sit and Play Preschool Learning System is an excellent system for sneaking learning into your child’s daily activities.

It helps keep kids entertained with a good blend of stories, education, and music.

You’ll also find it’s easy to set up, as it effortlessly connects to Wi-Fi to begin the educational journey.

What Not To Like About It

One of the most significant concerns of the learning system is the parent app, which is poorly designed and not user-friendly.

Also, the system itself isn’t childproof because the screen can crack if it’s accidentally knocked over.


  • Great for discreet learning
  • Keeps children entertained
  • Good balance of stories and learning
  • Easily connects to Wi-Fi


  • Poorly designed parent controls
  • Not childproof

5. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home

Fisher-Price is a household name when it comes to educational toys for children.

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home is no different, as it offers an immersive learning environment.

Children will have 360-degrees of play to assist with language learning and motor skill development.

Product Highlights

Let’s look at some of the best features of the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home.

  • Explorative Learning

There’s nothing better than watching children learn as they explore their environment.

This “learning home” is designed with several activities, such as a crawl-through hub, a shape-sorter “recycling” bin, and a mailbox.

Children can also interact with light-up components like house numbers and a porch light.

In total, there are 360-degrees of play, giving your child an activity to do no matter where they are looking.

It’s certainly the type of toy that is bound to keep them engaged and entertained for an extended period.

  • Real-World Activities

Another fantastic contribution that this learning system offers is exposure to real-world items.

There’s a home office area that comes with a thermostat, clicker-clock, and an office light.

Aside from that, you’ll find a kitchen area that comes with pieces for roleplay and a shape-sorting fridge.

  • Language Learning

As mentioned, a fantastic way to begin proper speech development is to expose children to speech.

With this learning system, there are four individual languages that you can program.

Children can learn in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and French.

  • Adjustable Learning Levels

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home is designed to grow with your child through their early stages.

With various activities, parents can easily choose from three different Smart Stages.

As your kids become more proficient, you can increase the learning level for new challenges.

  • 200+ Songs and Sounds

There are over 200 individual songs and sounds children can experience while exploring the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home.

They can listen to shapes, numbers, colors, phrases, the alphabet, and other essential audio clips.

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What To Like About It

Overall, the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home has a kid-friendly design that is highly interactive.

The toy is easy for parents to assemble and offers plenty of built-in fun that kids will love exploring on their own.

What Not To Like About It

An issue with this learning system is there are a few quality control issues.

For example, some stickers might not stick, and other small parts may break off with daily use.

Also, there is a delay between the lights and sounds that could be noticeable.


  • Child-friendly interactive design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Plenty of built-in fun
  • Easy for children to use independently


  • Has some delay between sounds and lights
  • A few quality control issues

Buyer’s Guide

When searching for speech delay toys, you must invest in high-quality products that offer many learning opportunities.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over all of the things you should look for in engaging and interactive educational toys for speech.

1. Open-Ended Design

One of the most important parts of speech toys is to ensure children can learn and practice.

As much as it can be beneficial to buy toys with a purpose, you want your kids to explore and learn independently.

With that said, it’s best to find toys that they can manipulate and use in various ways.

The more creative freedom a child has, the easier it will be to develop new skills independently.

It’s always recommended to have a good mixture of primary and high-tech features for an adaptive learning experience.

2. Stimulation

Another essential thing to consider when shopping for speech therapy tools is the amount of stimulation they offer.

Far too often, children’s toys come with excessive noises and sounds, which can be overwhelming.

As a result, the child will simply push buttons to hear sounds they want to hear rather than learn.

Ideally, you’ll want to find toys that allow children to learn comfortably and develop their skills.

This reason is also why speech-language pathologists often prefer traditional toys without batteries.

3. Variety

Similar to toys with open-ended designs, parents should consider purchasing different types of toys for their children.

For sure, you’ll want to give them toys that focus on their favorite themes, but introducing new ones is also a good idea.

With an assortment of different toy types, children can learn how to use unique tools and techniques.

4. Audio and Visual Components

When searching for speech therapy toys, it’s important to select items that have both an audio and visual component.

The visual element helps draw children in and keep them engaged.

On the other hand, the audio part helps the child hear and learn new vocabulary.

5. Language Options

As an often-overlooked feature of children’s toys, having different language options for learning is excellent for children.

Even if your kids aren’t multilingual, it can assist you with beginning a bilingual education.

However, language options are the most important for multicultural children learning English as a second language.

By hearing clear and concise examples of English, children can pick up an expanded vocabulary with play.

You can then reinforce their learning by offering even more English learning opportunities to help remedy language differences.

Speech Therapy Toys FAQs

1. What are must-have speech therapy toys?

The best speech therapy tools come in many different shapes and sizes.

Generally speaking, some families prefer audiobooks, while others enjoy tactile speech development toys.

In any case, it’s important to first speak with a speech-language pathologist to determine what toys are best for speech delay.

2. How do toys help speech development?

Toys designed for speech development assist children in many ways.

Not only do they help children form appropriate mouth movements for speech but also to learn new ways to express themselves.

They can assist with pronunciation as well as building a more diverse vocabulary.

3. Do speech therapy toys help language development?

Undoubtedly, speech delay toys can assist with language development.

As children listen to different phrases, words, and sentence structures, it can help them acquire better language use.

4. Can speech therapy toys help autism?

Speech toys are often recommended for children with ASD because they can assist with building communication skills.

They are also often designed not to overstimulate, making them more comfortable for learning.

5. How to do speech therapy at home?

With the help of a speech-language pathologist, you can find the ideal method of speech therapy at home.

You’ll want to combine interactive exercises with engaging educational tools to help your child get started on their journey.

Which Is the Best Toy for Speech Therapy?

The ANIMAL ISLAND Aila Sit and Play Preschool Learning System is one of the best speech therapy toys for kids.

With one, you’ll find plenty of interactive activities that your kids will love participating in for learning.

Its intuitive system walks children through listening, reading, and communication activities to assist with speech development.