best toy steering wheel for toddlers

Best Toy Steering Wheel for Toddlers in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Toys not only entertain children but also help them learn and develop their mental skills and physical wellbeing.

Sometimes, they also use toys to copy what they see the adults in the household do, such as driving.

The best toy steering wheel for toddlers will definitely pique a child’s interest and get him entertained for hours.

If you wish to give your little one a steering wheel toy, here are the five best options you’d find in the market today.

Best Toy Steering Wheel for Toddlers Reviews

1. Battat Geared to Steer Interactive Toy Driving Wheel

Battat’s take on an interactive driving wheel features lights and sounds to keep your little one busy. This can promote many hours of imaginative and pretend play.


Whether you take it with you in the car or just let them play at the house, it’s quite fun.

There are realistic sounds, and you can adjust the volume. Your child can turn the key, rev up the engine, and honk their horn.

Plus, the odometer moves, and you can hear higher speed sounds. It’s also possible to shift the gears and turn the wheel to the left and right.

Real turn signals are also included, so your toddler can tell the car behind them what they’re going to do.

If that weren’t enough, two songs play from the wheel, allowing for real and pretend road-trip fun!

In-game mode, your child can learn their colors and play the traffic-light game, which is a favorite.

They can press Go when they see the green light and the stop button when the red option appears. This helps them distinguish colors and get faster response times.

The pretend steering wheel is light but sturdy. Therefore, you can take it with you anywhere.

Even if it gets knocked out of the stroller, it’s bound to continue working.

Sensory toys like this can improve your child’s concentration, memory, and attention span. Plus, they can help develop fine and social motor skills.

It is most suitable for children two years and older.


  • Ability to change the volume
  • Games included
  • Many fun features


  • No way to secure to car seat
  • Must sit on a flat surface for the turn signal to work
  • Too-realistic horn noise

2. Facaily Simulated Portable Driving Steering Wheel

The Simulated Portable Steering Wheel is a fun and educational toy for toddlers. It can help your child develop their senses, motor skills, and imagination.


While the toy is very lightweight, it’s sturdy enough to withstand bumps, drops, and many other problems.

Your little one can then enjoy this pretend driving wheel in the car, stroller, and everywhere else.

You will find that there is a detachable base, which means your child can carry it with them and start driving whenever the mood arises.

Alternatively, they can leave it on the base and play with it on a table or floor without it moving around.

You also get three rechargeable batteries (necessary for the toy to work) and a charger.

Still, it might be best to purchase another set of rechargeables. That way, you can switch them out if your little one still wants to drive.

Your little one can turn the “key” in the ignition to start up the engine.

The wheel itself has a left and right turn signal. You may also adjust the volume up or down, making it easier to drive or do the chores around the house.

There are countless sounds available, such as an ambulance, fire truck, and police car sound. Plus, there is some music and trumpet sounds similar to that of a horn honking.


  • Built sturdily
  • Works the hands and sensory nerves
  • Offers volume control


  • Only in Chinese voices
  • Battery position improbable
  • Better sound quality required

3. Disney Store Mickey Roadster Racer Supercharged Steering Wheel

Does your child love Mickey Mouse? Many toddlers can’t get enough of the goofy mouse and his pals. Now, your little one can drive around with him.


The Mickey Roadster toy provides high-quality and realistic sounds. With it, your child can start learning about traffic noises and what they mean.

It also talks in the sound of Mickey’s voice, which is sure to bring your toddler joy if they like the cartoon character.

What’s more, the dashboard lights up when buttons are pressed. Though it doesn’t have a “key” to start up the engine, it does offer a button-start.

If you’ve got a newer vehicle, yours may do the same. This way, your little one can start driving while you are, making for a smooth road trip whenever the need arises.

This one comes with a base that cannot be detached from the wheel.

However, it includes the gear shift and other buttons so that your child can play games, rev the engine, and race.

Will your toddler be the next Dale Earnhardt, Jr.? He or she might just be after playing with this toy!


  • Mickey Mouse character portrayed
  • Appropriate sounds and buttons
  • Brightly colored


  • Small wheel
  • Hard to turn without anchoring the base
  • Durability concerns

4. TOMY John Deere Busy Driver

Many young boys and girls are amazed when they see a tractor or other farm equipment. As such, it might be nice to let them imagine they’re driving one.


The John Deere Busy Driver is a licensed product from John Deere. Here, you get realistic sounds and lights coming whenever appropriate buttons are pushed.

It’s also a layered sound, which means your little one gets a more realistic driving experience.

The base is green with a yellow wheel and various other colors for the knobs and controls, which is the typical fashion of John Deere products.

There’s a key at the bottom, which can be turned on/off to start/stop the engine and make the arrows light up.

Your little one can also change the speed manually while turning the wheel. There are shift gears on either side and a turn signal, both of which work accurately.

If your toddler gets into trouble on the road, they can always use the hazard button to warn other drivers.

When your little one decides to speed up, they can hit the lightning button to hear some amazing sounds.

Like what their adult parents do, when they need some music, they can just hit that musical note and jam out to what plays.

Lastly, the horn actually works on this thing, which can warn other drivers that your little one is in town!


  • Realistic sounds
  • Working turn signals and key
  • Perfect for small hands


  • No way to adjust the volume
  • Removable key; potential choking hazard
  • May not be suitable for older toddlers

5. BEST LEARNING Spin & Learn Steering Wheel

If you’re hoping for something very colorful for your toddler, the BEST LEARNING brand has you covered.

The Spin & Learn steering wheel has won various awards in 2018 and 2019, making it a top choice among parents.


This steering wheel is made of highly durable materials designed to withstand drops, throws, and minor spills.

It offers three different modes for many hours of play.

Your child can touch or spin the wheel to learn about different shapes, colors, feelings, and more. Then, it plays music and songs to help your little one jive and enjoy themselves.

If that weren’t enough, it also has rings and other ways to touch and play with the toy.

You can change the play mode using the switch to the left. Control the sound volume with the right-side switch.

When you choose colors, all of the buttons talk about the different colors on the toy. Each button has various emotions, too, which helps your toddler learn about them.

Unlike other options, there’s no base, but the bottom is raised. That way, your child can easily turn the wheel and see which shape it lands on.

The bottom has a slip-proof pad, so it’s not going to fly across the floor when it’s spun.

This toy is only 10.6 inches wide and tall, which makes it perfect for little hands.


  • Three learning modes
  • Volume control
  • Slip-resistant pad on the bottom


  • Not a “driving” wheel
  • Advanced for most toddlers (emotions mode)
  • Loud, even on the lowest setting


Now that you’ve got a better idea of the best steering wheel toys on the market, it’s time to pick one.

You could have different requirements than someone else, but we think the best toy steering wheel for toddlers is the one from Battat.

It plays games, has an attached key, and lights up, so your toddler is going to enjoy it for many years to come.

Plus, the base is quite small when compared to some of the others.

Though we think it’s the best, you may be interested in something a little less expensive.

The TOMY brand with the John Deere wheel is an excellent product to consider, as well.

You’re going to find it’s got many of the same features and comes in the well-known John Deere color scheme.

Still, there were a few minor issues, such as the key coming out. Even so, it’s a durable product that is going to give your little one many hours of play.

It doesn’t matter whether you desire something to occupy them in the car or at the house.

Both of these toys can bring happiness and fun to your toddler while also teaching them important things.